Resurrection Means Intimacy

If our hope in Christ is limited to this life, we are the most pitiable of all people. But now Christ has been raised from the dead.” 1 Cor. 15:19-20

True story. A missionary in Thailand was trying to bring this young woman to God. They were to meet at the train station at 8:30 am and head for a prayer breakfast. Well, the young woman was late and the missionary became more and more upset as time went on. She was complaining in her heart that she really did not want to do this in the first place and now her time was being wasted. Then God broke into her life and said, “You left my intimacy and became upset at a woman I was asking you to love.” Wow!

Don’t we often leave the intimacy of God and focus on the problems and imperfections? Brothers and sisters, the goal is to never leave His intimacy. And we have the choice never to leave His intimacy because Christ is Risen from the dead and He is with us in all times and places through the power of the Holy Spirit! Because He is Risen, He is intimately with us every step of the way!

We don’t place our hope in someone meeting us at 8:30 am in a train station but in the intimate love Jesus is offering us each moment. Do not leave His intimacy for the problems. Focus on Him loving you in the present and sharing that love with all the other people who are at the train station at 8:30 am.

Intimate love all the time because of Jesus’ Resurrection!